Spirit Medium & Clairvoyant in Oxfordshire

Adrian Oliver is one of Oxfordshire’s finest natural Clairvoyants and Spirt Mediums.

Adrian Oliver Medium Wishes To Help Open The Mind And Inspire

Adrian is a working Medium with over 30 years experience. He regularly gives uplifting public demonstrations of Mediumship with his unique delivery injected with fun and laughter. He works in partnership with his spirit guide, Brother Jon, a jovial Franciscan monk. Adrian often surprises people with his fresh, honest and sometimes unconventional approach to mediumship

He sees himself as an ordinary, simple man who can offer special help to those seeking honest and accurate communication with departed family, and to help those who have lost loved ones to move forward, as well as bring comfort or closure in knowing that their loved ones are with them and supporting them.

There are no fairies or angels with Adrian. He is normal, with a passion for life and a passion for the spirit. He wishes to use this passion to inspire others and give them the strength to fly and continue living.

Fear of death is not a problem. A fear of life is the biggest problem. Adrian is here to banish both. He is not a life coach, he merely wishes to open his mind and inspire.

Why Consider Adrian Oliver Medium For A Clairvoyant Reading?

  • Relaxed and enjoyable approach
  • Adrian can provide home visits by arrangement
  • CD recording of your reading to take home
  • Adrian Oliver offers clairvoyant readings for individuals, as well as groups of people
  • In person, telephone and online readings are available
  • Host A Clairvoyant Evening In Oxfordshire or Wiltshire

    Adrian hosts Evenings of Spiritual Clairvoyance & Mediumship in a variety of venues across Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire. If you would like to host an Evening Of Clairvoyance yourself and would like Adrian to come to your home and entertain your friends, or if you would like him to appear live for your audience for an evening of tears and laughter, then contact us today.

    Types Of Readings

    One to One – One person for a 60-minute private reading.

    Joint Reading – 1 to 3 people from same family for a 90-minute reading. This is more of a specialist reading.

    Group Session – Adrian will come to your home for an Evening of Clairvoyance for up to 8 people for private readings, or up to 15 people sitting together for 2 hours of Clairvoyance. (Everyone guaranteed a message).

    Party Venue – Adrian will perform for your guests with a stand-up demonstration of Spiritual Clairvoyance & Mediumship. (90-minutes for up to 100 guests).

    Event – Adrian will perform live for your audience with a stand-up demonstration of Spiritual Clairvoyance & Mediumship (90-minutes).

    All prices for events available upon request.

    For an experienced Spirit Medium with a fresh, honest approach, call