Brother Jon Philosophies
And Spiritual Guidance

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These are the words of the entity known as ‘Brother Jon’

It is a new year upon the earth plane. A time for optimism and hope. At this time, we are full of optimism and hope, but it lasts only a short time because we do not start afresh. We still have the same problems as before. It is now time to release yourselves from the burden of the past this time, and travel with very little baggage. With our eyes wide open so we can see all around us.
New opportunities, new friends, new relationships. A new understanding of ourselves. I am without the baggage of the earth plane, so it is easy for me to see. All minds must be open, all hearts must be open. You must be ready to embrace the new. Let us begin. Release the pain and anguish of the past. What is done is done and we cannot change anything. Let us begin with a new page. We will write off the present and of the future, but not of the past.
It is now time for meditation, for we need a clear vision for the future. We will not make the same mistakes. We will stay motivated and positive for we are free of the things that hold us down and almost back. So let us meditate and clear our minds ready for the new future that lies ahead.

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